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After a long time, we can break the news. Along the current year we want to output this board game through Kickstarter. We consider MegaMetroCity as a “beat´em up” game. Players with a few Characters must fight an entire criminal organization. The basic thing is that the Heroes must move forward on the board fighting while fulfilling the different objectives to overcome every Stage of the game. During these Stages, Heroes can improve their skills and use different weapons and objects to help them get rid of the multiple Thugs. That means, it is a brawler game.

What is it? MegaMetroCity is a board game that represents the spirit of the “beat em up” golden age. And yes, it has miniatures.

Is it a eurogame? No it is not, but you should manage very carefully the amount of beatings you give and receive.

Is it a ameritrash? Yes, it highly is. It is more American than a bald eagle with an M-16.

Is it a wargame? No, it is not; even though nobody would say it because of the number of blows, smacks, bumps and whacks that can be seen in a single round.


2D Character by Randy Vargas, 3D Raul Tavares and Logo David Lanza.


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