May 15th, Live on Kickstarter at 10 AM EST

Greetings, Street Warriors!

On May 15th, at 10 AM EST, MegaMetroCity will return to the streets of Kickstarter. With this update, we want to give you a little taste of everything new coming to the campaign:

During the pre-launch days, we will upload a playable demo to Tabletop Simulator, where you will face the first Final Boss of the game. We will also offer a 48 hour Early Bird special that will include Johann, the teenage triton, a new hero to beat some justice into the thugs.

MegaMetroCorpthe first expansion of MegaMetroCity will also be available from day 1. This expansion includes, among other things, 1 new Final Boss, 1 new Boss, 10 new Thugs and 1 new Hero. All this new content can be added to the 15 Stages in MegaMetroCity. Additionally, with the 3 new Stages included in this expasion you will go deeper into the story of the McClane brothers, the Bloody Chains and Cybercop, the hero haunted by the megacorporation against whom he swore vengeance at any cost.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to tell you that we will launch a contest and a raflle where you can win an “All-in” copy of MegaMetroCity + MegaMetroCorp + Add-ons + unlocked campaign Stretch Goals. Follow us on social networks to learn more and participate.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to tie your robo-laces tight, ‘cause MegaMetroCity is back!

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