She is the youngest daughter of the executive manager of the Jurassic Zoo Project. Blaze spent the early years of her life in the farthest island of MegaMetroCity, where MetroCorp was preparing its largest and more spectacular Zoo that ever existed. There you could see all kinds of dinosaurs artificially gestated. During the preparations for the inaugurations something went wrong. Most workers and their families died among the bites of the predators that escaped. Blaze was one of the few to leave the island alive. Few memories remain of this time of her life: she wasn’t older than six.

When she returned to the city she had no close relative alive, so she had to start living under the custody of the State moving from one foster home to another, facing situations no child should go through. During this time of her life she got tougher. Fighting with other children in the shelters was commonplace. Thus years passed until she was old enough to become independent. She started working at a very young age although she never stopped studying. She is currently in college. Studies were always fun for her and most of the subjects, easy.

The bad environment in which she grew up led her to train martial arts daily. Many idiots learnt the bad way how fast she can be, including Travis. During adolescence she met the McClains brothers and BigT in their first steps to pacify highschool based on beatings… what an irony! Travis was always a clown. One day in highschool he had the bad idea of stealing her final Project. Blaze handed Travis’ ear and dragged him around the school, forcing him to apologize to everyone who he habitually teased.

Unfortunately, Blaze has not yet been able to leave the neighborhood. She studies, Works and trains with a military discipline. Since the Bloody Chains arrived, the situation in the neighborhood got worse. The first days, the clashes with them ended the pride of their wounded members and some teeth of less. Still not been given the opportunity to explode the situation completely but it is only a matter of time.


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