The organization of the Bloody

¡His biceps is bigger than your head!

In the gang of the Bloody Chains we can find different types of Thugs, of which we have already talked. This time we are going to talk about their organization from bottom to top.

Basic thugs. Run of the mill guys who find strength in their numbers. As we have already discussed we have Punks, Roller Girls, Chains and Musclemen.

Leaders. These are chose from the strongest of the basic thugs. They are thougher than their colleagues, but they don’t have what it takes for us to even remember their names.

Bosses. They are four, well known in MegaMetroCity even before the Triplets arrived. They are some of the toughest guys you can find in the whole city. They take care of some of the hardest jobs the Bloody have to do every day. Their names are Sid, Jett, Lars and Evaristo. They have their own lifebar and abilities that affect a certain type of thug.

Final Bosses. Triplets that have given so much talk in recent times. Beasts that have not had a rival so far. Neill and Wallace, still being triplets are under the command of Bogart, the most intelligent and violent of the three. Of course they also have their own lifebar and can use special attacks that make them specially dangerous.


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