Travis McClain

He is the youngest McClain brother. He is a heart-throb, funny and cocky. Unlike his brother, Travis knows everbody in the city, and everybody knows him back; but if he has Friends it is actually because of Jack. He’s always been a thrill seeker and hanging out with the wrong people in the neighbourhood, this was an easy business.

Before adolescence, Travis and his pal Scoop used to steal the most powerfull motorbikes on the streets. Travis always drove. Squeezing the mechanics to the fullest, it seemed to fly through the dense traffic of MegaMetroCity. After the ride he returned them to their place. On a couple of times they were even chased by the police, but Travis managed to throw them off. The last time he did it was when his father showed up with a photo of the city’s security cameras.

But the most important slip-up he had was childish. On a hot summer day, Travis and his colleagues at that time were left with the idea of throwing some water balloons from the roof of a building. As always Travis had to throw the biggest balloon could with the bad luck that hit right on “crazy” Aidan and his girl; one of the skinheads who swarmed in those days. After a few days of searching by Aidan, he found Travis and of course Jack was there to defend him. The fight became famous: young McClains managed to knock out three of the skinheads before getting a good beating.

Shortly after that, he started seeking for other kind of emotions more related to women. Question that also brought some other problem, although nothing serious, jealousy and some scorned girl.

After the incident with his father and spending two weeks in the hospital waiting for Jack to wake up something changed in him. Although he is still a womanizer and a braggart, he does not hesitate to act to defend someone in need. The years under the hard training of Master Pat have given him the tools to act if necessary.


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