Story Mode

*Here we have Travis McClane, another playable Hero from MMC and Jack’s little brother.

In MegaMetroCity one of the options that we can take is Story Mode. On this play mode, players will have a map of the district where the story takes places through different stages. On this map we will be able to find differents paths to reach the Final Stage.

MegaMetroCity has three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Very Hard. On this mode you can’t choose difficulty level, instead, during Stage preparation the difficulty is adapted to the Hero with more Advancements, and starting in Normal on the first Stage. It’s on this play mode where we can access some of the Bonus Stages where we will be able to get some extra help. Did someone say punching a car until it gets destroyed?

Once you finish a Stage successfully, players will be able to take different actions like selling equiped weapons, buying advancements or bringin back a K.O.’ed Hero.

Also, take into account that the appeareance of Thugs during the Stages will take into account the number of Heroes that were there when Story mode started, but Heoes that go K.O.’ed can also come back to the game.

If one of these Stages is not completed, you will have to start again from the beggining.

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