I have a weapon and I know how to use it!

In MMC, like in many classic beat ’em up games, weapons don’t last very long on the hands of the Heroes. But even if they have limited use, we can find them frequently and they can be very useful.

Next we explain some of the info you can find in a weapon card.

“Batteries”. It indicates how many tames you can use the weapon before having to dicard it. In MMC usually you can only use them three time. We will have counters with the same symbol so we can count them easily. Using an action is the same than using the weapon one time.

“Arrows”. If the card has this symbol, it means that it is a ranged weapon. It’s value is equal to the number of squares that the weapon can reach.

“Dice”. It’s the number of dice to be thrown in each use.

“Objective”. Is the target number that the dice have to reach or surpass. If this is a fist, it means that the difficulty is the Combat Attribut of our Heroe.

There are a couple of variations of these values and we’ll discuss them soon, as they merit an explanation of their own.

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