Thugs’ Cards

At the beginning of the turn, players must take a card from the Thugs’s deck. This kind of card gives us information about how many Thugs will appear at this moment and how EVERY Thug in the board will act on this turn. They will usually show up from the last column on the right of the board. Of course, there are cards to break this rule.

A Thugs’ card is divided into two major sections:

On top, we get to see the number of Thugs appearing, which depends on the number of Heroes in the game since the very beginning. That means, if the Stage starts with three Heroes on it, the number of Thugs will be the indicated for three Heroes until the end of the Stage, even if one Hero gets KO. The appearance of each section is done in each of the cells of the last column of the board.

At the bottom, we can see how the Thugs act, out of three possibilities: Move and Attack, Move x2, Attack x2.

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