Here comes a new Hero! Vote for his name


Then you have part of his past:

Though it might not seem like it, he is just three years older than Jack. He always was the biggest kid around. His physical appearance always brought him troubles with older people around the hood. Esto le hizo curtirse en decenas de peleas callejeras. He is a good person, nice and he doesn’t like taking advantage of people, but don’t you dare to piss him off… His not afraid of anything and just a few could confront him in a fight. Besides his size, he is tough: being around thirteen years old someone broke a bat in his head and undaunted he headed the face of the fool who dared.

Despite being older than Jack, their friendship grew during their adolescence. They attended the same high school for two years, where they were the some of the few students not looking for troubles but also not running away from them. Both guaranteed peace between school gangs during this period. Axel did not finish school: he took the leadership of the Afro Kings and dedicated all his time to it.

Five years ago, Julius, his father had a heart attack. Medical expenses almost ruined his family, so he took over the family business: the mechanics workshop his grandfather founded. Julius needs lifelong medication and paying for the surgeries, but he cannot make the efforts associated with this kind of job.  He can still be seeing trying to get the business going but not helping much. The workshop is currently the most famous in the South of the city. They are very good at setting up all kind of engines and although it does not please our Hero, many thugs come to him to try to have the most powerful motorcycle in the city.

With no leadership from our Hero, Afro Kings turned into a criminal gang. They started to make money from extortion and drug dealing. No more fighting racism or avoiding gang fights… now they are gangsters too.


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One thought on “Here comes a new Hero! Vote for his name

  1. Lord Mikal

    August 22, 2017 at 11:20am

    Well I’ll name him Barracuda, like a Punisher villain

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    • Jose Carlos Domínguez

      August 22, 2017 at 1:26pm

      Well, there’s certainly a resemblance… But Barracuda takes more care of his clothes.

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