How to take a card

Commonly you can draw a card when destroying furniture. But this is not a simple rule: Heroes can knock out a leader to receive or draw a card. In addition, History mode allows to take two cards per Hero in the game when a Final Boss is KO.

Here are some things you can find in these cards:

Food. I wouldn´t usually recomend eating food found on the streets, but in MegaMetroCity doing it can save your Heroes. Eat a good Burger Kong to restore health points.

Weapons. Not much to explain, these objects help you eliminate many more thugs per turn than you can do with bare hands. But there is a singularity: weapons in this game have a limited number of uses, then they must be discarded.

Money. It can be picked out during the phases. Este se puede recolectar durante las fases. Spending the collected money and an action on the arcade games machines you can access the following options:

-Upgrades for your Heroes.

-Get knocked Out partners back in the game.

-Buy cards.

Events. There is an event on the board that can change the situation of the game.

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