Police force. Doughnuts and laziness

Public opinion has very little regard for the city police, something that is well deserved for years. Although it is very easy to launch an insult to the body for its inefficiency and lack of professionalism, it would be unfair to make them take full responsibility for this situation only to them.

The different governments of the city have been removing any agent with a minimum of ethics from the positions of importance, replacing them with greedy fools who do not see beyond their noses. With this systematic cleaning of values within the force, they have gotten a bunch of mercenaries willing to do anything for money. So, it is easy to conclude that whoever has the money controls the police force.

Nowadays, the average agent is dedicated to finishing his workday as fast as possible, not lifting a finger. So much so that everyone knows that on Donut Day at MegaMetroCity you will not see a cop anywhere else than queuing at the bakeries. The worst cops are real criminals with plaque, who incorporate bribery and extortion to their daily life.

In this situation bounty hunters haven’t had as much work since the Wild West. Many tough enough guys are making a living out of this.

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