Our Heroes must face these enemies. In MegaMetroCity these thugs are represented by the different members of Bloody Chains, a punk gang. You can find four basic types of thugs: Punks, Chains, Roller Girls and Hunks. They can attack our Heroes during the “Thugs turn”, and those players who are going to receive such attacks must make the corresponding roll.

They all share a Fight hability, which speeds up the Thugs turn. Therefore you will find a brief description detailing the differences among them.

Punks. The gang`s base members, they appear more often than the rest. Their movement is 2.

Chains. The gang is named after them. They move 1 each turn but their feat of Reach allows them to attack from a distance. As the difficulty of the game increases, does the feat.

Roller Girls. Bloodys count with dangerous speed thanks to these demons on wheels. Their movement is 3.

MuscleMen. These giant steroid fans have a superior strength. Their movement is 1 but they count on the feat of Defence. Heroes will have a harder time knocking down these guys thanks to this feat. Their resistance increases as the difficulty of the game.


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