Jack McClane

McClane’s oldest son. He’s always been a serious guy. A quiet and shy boy, he tried not to get in troubles, just not like his brother. He has few but extremely loyal friends. Despite the hood where he grew up wasn’t as dangerous as it is today, it was certainly not a safe place to live. Jack got into fights as a general rule: sometimes to defend the weakers, some others avoiding beatings on his little brother Travis. The McClane brothers were well known in their hood from an early age.

After a hard day skiving off school, they were arriving home exhausted from playing at the arcade and spitting cars from the bridge. They realized something was wrong at home right just when they passed through the front door: a bunch of cops, his father’s colleagues, were beating him while others were struggling with their mother. The door was shut behind them right at the same time two bouncers punched them on the stomach, leaving them breathless.

The very savages decided to throw Jack throughout the window on the eyes of their family. Jack’s father, overwhelmed by anger, freed himself from his colleagues and reached Jack on the fallen. He got Jack to survive the fall protecting him with his own body; although he was not so lucky.

Jack woke up from a coma after two weeks in a room of a really crappy hospital where his brother slept on the floor. Travis didn’t move out the room any time. Once recovered, the two brothers decided to gain strength attending every gym, training, beating and defeating each martial art master in town. When they believed no one would face them, master Pat arrived to their lives. He effortlessly defeated both brothers at a time.

Thereafter, the McClanes followed master Pat over the country, learning as much as possible. A few years later, their journey  took them back to MegaMetroCity.



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