Dangerous products (I) HyperCoke

Let’s talk about the poor health control over the products for sale in MegaMetroCty and their side effects.

Today we are going to talk about HyperCoke, as the unregulated free market has had some unexpected consequences. Scientific studies payed by our competitors say that a glass of HyperCoke contains all the caffeine a person should consume in their entire life. One of the most notorious cases on record was the effect of HyperCoke on unborn children. Lots of them died due to overdose by untested products. Survivors mutated: since the moment of birth they began growing at exponential rates, leading to, not only physical deformities, but mental issues; often ending up as violent sociopaths. The luckiest ones turn into a mountain of muscles like never seen before.

Hypercoke will be one of the products the Heroes will be able to find during the game and will be able to use it to recover health.

Message NOT sponsored by HyperCoke*

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